Hello Everyone!
Welcome to 8Solution. Our mission is to protect and support unique individuality, while encouraging imagination and creativity. 100% of every purchase goes towards our vision. 8solution, be yourself and stay beautiful. We work with local people in West Africa, Sierra Leone Freetown. Since we are a small company this is our first manufacture collections with almost no capital. We didn’t want to start with asking for donations. So 8soluion works with it’s families in a way that is very different and simple. 

All of our first stock on our site is directely purchased from the local people. We have a conversation with the individual about the wonderful unique piece, how they created what they are selling and the story behind the work. Depending on the interaction, 8solution will state its intention and vision. If the individual wants to be part of our family of encouraging imagination, and creativity then they become part of our family. The propose is to encourage and inspire each other that we have beautiful talent in each one of us, that we can share and benefit with our families, friends and beings from all walks of lives. We are now working with very had working families and creative talented individuals that are passionate and have unconditional love for what they do. 8solution works hand in hand with the team members as one big family. Our artworks are carved with unconditional love, passion and precise detail, to ensure all of our customers will receive quality services and products. Likewise, our others services, clothing, accessories, oils, & more, are all handmade, with respect, dignity, unconditional love. 

At 8solution, we respect and listen to each anther, so that we can come up with creative ideas while working together with purpose and vision. Most importantly with love that can not be described. Our passion is to encourage local people to imagine their individual God given creative talent, and use that to create a more peaceful, and joyful life, for themselves and their loved ones. Every purchase will go to creating a safe environment with unconditional love for everyday local lovely beings to have the venue for more creativity to showcase their work and in the process support their families. 

Supporting our vision 8solution! you are supporting peaceful, productive, imaginative, creative, joyful environment for ordinary people from all part of lives. 8 reasons why you should support our vision, 1 encouragement 2 supporting imagination and creativity. 3 supporting self confidence. 4 self sufficiency. 5 self reliability. 6 self love. 7 supporting peaceful and joyful life for everyday beings. 8 the infinite beauty of creations, harmony, love, peace, joy, and ever lasting life in creation. Support and stay beautiful my lovely living beings!!!! 8solution will set up a donation page in the future, and describe what this will be used for. Thankyou and stay beautiful!!!! 


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